Doing VR user research in care

In our mission to connect the less mobile to people and places they love, we do a lot of user research in health and social care settings. And we’ve found it can be challenging for many reasons. Environments are often changing, there are serious health considerations, connectivity can be unreliable and some facility activities can influence research results.

Here are checklists that we use when recruiting participants and planning user research sessions with VR. A few things to note:

  • Devices: We use standalone VR devices, so this doesn’t include any phone or PC preparation that would be needed for connected VR goggles.
  • Format: There are multiple tabs in the document for different phases of preparation.
  • Questions: We’ve not included our specific interview templates, as they are most likely too unique to our experience.
  • Hygiene: We customise our headsets for better hygiene and fitting. But as this is a huge topic in and of itself, we’ve not gone into detail on this.
  • Updates: We will routinely update our checklists as we continue to learn and iterate our approach.

Feel free to use these checklists however you’d like, and we’d love to hear your feedback about anything that we might be missing.

Katie Shuford

Katie Shuford