Virtual visiting hours®
for more frequent and fun connection with family.

Our managed service provides all the devices, software,
connectivity and support to connect patients and residents
with remote family.

Set availability

Carers designate optimal time windows for visits through our Website. So medication, meal and exercise times are avoided and patients and residents decide when visiting is optimal for them.

Schedule a visit

Family and friends are invited to select a convenient time to virtually visit their loved one in care. And then instantly receive a calendar reminder.

Call from any device

When it’s time for the call, family simply click a link in the calendar invite on any connected device. No software to download, no account to create.

Put on goggles

At the time of the call, the patient or residents dons wireless goggles which we've customised to be extra-easy and comfortable to wear. They even work with glasses!

Choose a journey

They selects a 360° experience to share in the call with their loved one. Like a flight over the Alps, a drive through New York City or being at their granddaughter's dance recital.

You don’t want to stop looking. It’s as though you’re there! You can feel the freshness. It’s very realistic. It’s refreshing. It can actually make you feel better … more relaxed.

Hazel P.