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Come join our passionate, hardworking team and empower the less mobile to travel the world virtually.


360° video producer [Intern]

London / Remote



What is ‘The Astonishing Visit’? Some new Bruce Willis film about extra terrestrials?

Far from it. It’s a mission. A mission to help reduce loneliness for the less mobile by connecting them to both people and places they love through virtual visits.

Hmm, I’m more of a visual person. Can you just show me something?

Sure, here’s us in 60 seconds.

Wow, cool! But I want to work on big problems. Is this loneliness thing really that big of a problem?

There are an estimated 9 million lonely people in the UK alone. And that chronic loneliness has been shown to be as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. So the problem is big. And deadly.

OK. But then isn’t this going to be a tough challenge to take on?

Indeed. But we think our team brings a useful combination of skills. We’ve worked on communication products like Skype and Microsoft Messenger, built VR experiences for the Britain’s mapping agency and Canon and done public health research for the Centers for Disease Control and Imperial College. And we’ve won innovation funding from the EU and UK.

Gotcha. But what would I do?

You’d help capture 360° footage – from sky, sea and land – and do the post-production to make that footage look amazing for the people who deserve those views most – older people, the disabled and the chronically ill. Using cutting edge hardware and software.

That actually sounds amazing. But while I’ve got some video editing experience, that 360° stuff is really new. What if I don’t know it all?

We’ll show you. And in a few weeks, you’ll know far more than us. Because you’re that kind of person, and you’ll be devouring all the online training you can handle.

Sweet! Besides showing some video skills, how can I convince you I’m perfect for this role?

You’ll be able to tell us – in vivid detail – about:

1) A self-taught skill you have

2) A personal accomplishment no one around you thought was possible

3) A situation in which you’ve done something impactful for someone less fortunate than you

I can totally do that! If I get the role, would I have a corner office in your global HQ?

Your office would be wherever your drone, 360 camera and laptop are. But you’d routinely meet up with the rest of the team in London.

I’m in! How do I apply?

Great! Click the button below and send us 3 sentences about why you’re applying and a CV. And if you are not sure you want to apply and just want to talk first, please do email us.

P.S. If I’m not actually an aspiring video editor but a recruiter, should I contact you?

No, thank you.

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