Enabling connectedness

Our mission is to empower the less mobile to travel the world virtually, together with faraway family.

And to that mission we bring experience of public health research at the Centers for Disease Control, communication products at Skype and virtual reality at Britain’s mapping agency.

Alex Davies-Moore


Alex built VR and 3D experiences for Canon and Britain’s mapping agency and content delivery systems at Qualcomm.

He wishes he could take his grandfather for a virtual ski along the tops of Andorran Mountains.

Daniel Richards

Virtual Visit Design

Daniel specialised in emotive and immersive 3D film while studying visual effects and post production at the University of Derby.

He wishes he could take his mum on a virtual gondola ride through Venice and his father on a virtual dive in the Deep Sea.

Delia Parrinello

Physical Product Design

Delia designed a companion accessory for Huawei phones and a bio-monitoring suit for psychosis while at University of the Arts London.

She wishes she could pay a virtual visit to her Grandma to relive childhood afternoons in the mountains of their native Sicily.

Katie Shuford

Health Research

Katie did public health research for vulnerable populations at the Centers For Disease Control and Imperial College.

She wishes she could skate on the frozen ponds around Lake Michigan with her grandmother in a virtual visit.

Nicholas Babaian

Product and Sales

Nick built communication products at Skype, Yahoo! and Microsoft. And he previously founded Lifecake, a family sharing experience acquired by Canon.

He wishes he could take a virtual stroll through Napoli with his grandmother.